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Chia Seeds Side Effects
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1. Blood pressure 2. Blood Suger Level 3. High Fiber Content The main side effect of chia seeds are based on their ability to influence your blood pressure. Consuming chai seeds is believed to have the ability to lower your blood pressure level. Now this is great if you have issues with high blood pressure, however if you have low blood pressure, this is definitely something you need to consider. If you believe you’ve got a history of low blood pressure, then you should avoid consuming chia seeds. Consuming chia seeds can also decrease your blood sugar level. Again, this isn’t a side effect you have high blood suger levels, however if you have low blood suger levels you need to keep this in mind. Chia seeds are also very high in fiber. A diet that is high in fiber is usually seen as a good thing as fibers us with digestion, however some people experience gas and intestinal bloating when they consume foods high in fiber.

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