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Finally, He Explains Himself
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Apple promises to change the tracking routines - IOS update comes. In a press release Apple admits that they have been too reluctant to inform their customers and promises to change security procedures. Storm around Apple and privacy It has stormed around Apple's use of IOS to log the users' location. In essence, takes Apple to the criticism and promised to make changes, but denies that they are using GPS to acquire location-data, or that they have access to location-history. New feature in the map application At the same time the company was forced to reveal one of the reasons that they log location: they will launch an improved traffic service. No date for the launch of this service, however, were not given nor details, but it is several years away. Here's Apple's explanation Over the coming weeks, Apple to launch an IOS patch that reduces the collection of data, stop the backup of this and clears the storage when "Location Services" is denied. These are important points to Apple's explanation regarding the collection of location data: * Apple is not included on the iPhone is. The company says they've never done it, nor that they are going to do it in the future. * Apple says it only logs a database of WiFi points and antenna towers like IOS product is in contact with and it can often be talking about long distances between the IOS device, and these points. * In the log file, Apple may see anonymous data about which mobile phones are, but not as accurate as if they had used the GPS hardware. * Apple claims they can not look back in the log file and see where the IOS product has been at the past or where it is right now. * Data log is too big to only be stored on your mobile. Therefore, most of it on the machine you are backing up the iTunes phone. A small portion is secured on your mobile, but unencrypted. * The reason the storage is not just for the new traffic service, but also that the IOS product should be able to find your position faster when you

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