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DIY Transformation Complete!
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DIY Transformation Complete! In the last episode of the Auburndale project, master electrician Allen Gallant finishes up the exterior low-voltage lighting, while inside, lighting designer Susan Arnold shows off the installed lighting plan and how she's made a house with low ceilings look more spacious. Upstairs, host Kevin O'Connor meets plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey in the kids' bath to see the water-saving plumbing fixtures, and a bath fan that will turn on automatically when it senses humidity in the room. Interior designer Melissa Gulley shows Kevin how a small custom rug factory in Fall River, Massachusetts, is making the carpets for the house using both old- and new-world technology. Out front, landscape contractor Roger Cook shows master carpenter Norm Abram the hops vines that will be planted to grow on the pergola in the spring. Architect Chris Chu is on hand to review the overall effect of the changes to the front of the house and general contractor Tom Silva shows Norm the new composite shutters that add low-maintenance character to the front of the house. Inside, kitchen designer Donna Venegas shows Kevin the finished kitchen and the appliances that she specified, and then kitchen consultant Chris Kimball drops by to give Kevin his final thoughts on the space. Melissa shows Norm the challenges of furnishing an open floor plan on the main level, while upstairs, it is a master bedroom retreat, where homeowner Allison Sharma joins to reveal the master bedroom and luxurious bathroom. Down in the basement, it is all about family and function, as we see the family room, new bath, and laundry with Raveen Sharma and the kids. The entire team celebrates seven months of hard work with the traditional wrap party from our Auburndale project on the banks of Charles River.

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